About White Cloud

One of the wonderful ways most pleasant to them to offer life and free to break the routine daily tasks and harassment, is the port to the horizon on a yacht pleasant sailing, deep into the blue sea. The white cloud yacht, is a picturesque and romantic classic yacht that purpose to enable each one to experience the magic at the exit to the long or short stay attractions combined deep sea fishing full of culinary experiences Adrenaline

Using the services of the yacht in a white cloud, spread over a wide variety of ways. Couples who want to go to cruises lasting romantic cruise a few days or more at various destinations worldwide and in Israel, groups seeking to break away members loaded their daily routine and experience a fascinating experience boating and fishing reinforcing, and advertising directors can use the services of the Yacht White Cloud to enjoy an unusual and original location I chose a wide range of commercial photography options scenes in various shades.

Fishing experiences romantic dinners

Couples who rent the services of the White Cloud yacht for a unique romantic experience in sailing cruises long and short, enjoy the rich cuisine offers a variety of foods on the deck of the yacht in a white cloud, when the meals will enjoy the heart of the unique Mediterranean at sunset or sunrise, married on top of waves beating. Groups of friends, coming to the sailing cruises worldwide, will enjoy views that can integrate that will Abahachtam during an unusual fishing occurs in the deep sea, using equipment that allows fishing rods at a depth of up to a thousand meters below sea level …

Goals that can be reached during the cruises sailing on the white cloud yacht , completely data renters consideration of the services of the yacht, when you can choose from a variety of options throughout the Mediterranean Basin, or alternatively leave a unique cruise the stunning marinas scattered Israel’s shores. Sailing to distant destinations with the stomach sleeping romantic yacht, made specifically to absorb couples to romantic wooden beds draped in red velvet and jobs reserved for the magical atmosphere and unique romantic journeys at sea.

LOCATION commercials and movies

With advertising agencies, writers directors, will be able to hire the services of White Cloud to take videos and commercials, film scenes and during the sailing voyages, when you can enjoy the unique landscape at sea, the fascinating sight of the yacht Achsabmfrsia raised the wind blows, Once site is particularly suitable fashion advertising photography of all types, clothing and accessories, perfumes and more.

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