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White Cloud is a yacht “Classic”, was built by Colin Archer, builds ships and yachts very famous Norwegian vessel suitable building’s fiery temperament North Sea.

This yacht made of wood, with sails that allow boating on the basis of the winds, equipped and comfortable stay human.

LOCATION produce serials, films, documentary films

Sailing yacht on a white cloud, gives a sense fooling rate, breathing room, smiles, strangers with sea life.

LOCATION life that animates all members of the production, it is evident the players.

Location is not a place, LOCATION is being providing physical frame, the desired sensation base cast, in the viewer.

We help with everything you’ll need during film production.

LOCATION can separate the purchase and the next smile, the next thing .

LOCATION good your product is such a “beneficiary” of it, what is fun?

LOCATION Meir aspects of the product are integrated in the world it is cut, for example publication of swimwear, diving equipment, boating accessories, or those who LOCATION images associated with it.

LOCATION calling it a yacht images of good life, luxury, high socioeconomic status association, freedom. This yacht is well accent products who need this image: beverages, cigarettes, luxury watches, sunglasses.

LOCATION releases such feelings of joy, lightness, wonder. LOCATION such a course can in the event of torrential rain to the emotional quality: struggle, resistance,Tragic.

LOCATION is therefore different situations can serve your needs.

 We are by your side in requesting the commercial production

Sailing cruises photo site – LOCATION

White Cloud yacht, is a picturesque and romantic wooden yacht built by the famous Norwegian shipbuilder Colin Archer. This is a wooden yacht nice touch, allowing cruise sails clad seas and waves in particular. White Cloud sailing yacht, is a great option to find photos in various fields, feature films and documentaries, series and more. Take a camera crew to sailing cruises aboard the white cloud, and ensured that the top heights of creativity reaches. Which offers a spectacular location I chose a white cloud of participating staff, photographers, actors and producers is a source of inspiration, particularly at sea where waves, the foam racing under the deck, and sense of romance and the emotional storm flooded all the participants.

Sailing trips, sailing yacht White Cloud – LOCATION commercials

Sailing on the yacht tours white cloud, they are an excellent option for production of commercials. Among these fashion accessories can be combined production of commercials during sailing trips aboard a white cloud, of course, include swimwear, diving equipment, boating accessories and other fashion accessories callers to the sea, but to convey prestige, can be combined production of com


mercials during White Cloud sailing yacht and produce advertisements for drinks are expensive, high-quality cigarettes, luxury watches and sunglasses, perfumes and more quality. Location I chose the drop-down to the producers while sailing cruises aboard the white cloud, could take a fascinating twist when producers choose to go to the yacht sailing under the protection of rain and sea in stormy weather, including night photos, photography in sailing cruises on a white cloud, do not resemble each other LOCATION, constitute an guaranteed source of inspiration and unique results. Dedicated team of White Cloud will be available photographers filmmakers, and prepare the yacht and itinerary according to the needs of photography and production.

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