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Want to surprise your partner releases a fascinating romantic experience? Want to feel even a moment, connected with deep blue sea and enjoying the good atmosphere, good wine and fine foods? Sailing cruise is the way to experience life and joy of life as they did so since the dawn of humanity seamen. If so, what a pleasure it has sailing we can maintain on a white cloud? How long will it take him to enjoy pleasure boating with friends, friends or lovers? Can I order a pleasure cruise original gift for parents of children? White Cloud, is a stunning yacht in the h, made entirely of fine Norwegian wood and cozy, and it will lead you to the fascinating and unique pleasure boating, and memorable in the heart of the Mediterranean.


plesure cruisePleasure cruise lovers

The most original way to celebrate the anniversary Lhicarutchma, anniversary or birthday of a spouse, is by renting a yacht to a luxurious gentle cruise. Sailing yacht cruise on a white cloud, allows selection of tracks from different periods, from the Playboy party that lasts a few hours, and the pleasures of sailing across the sea, continuing days of your choice. During a romantic cruise cruise aboard a yacht on a white cloud, enjoy fine meals offered rich and diverse menu, yacht, yachts operating basic classes at sea, and you can deep-sea fishing, especially those big fish you can combine your course menu served every day …


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Pairs of friends, seeking a different and original way to enjoy stay together side by side, find the option of sailing pleasure the ultimate entertainment experience shared. Left the bed and breakfasts and hotels, and go to the rich and luxurious cruise boat at sea, rear rooms of the White Cloud are luxurious rooms made specifically to catch couples in long pleasure cruise, meals are served to couples who benefit directly from the kitchen and rich culinary experience rich and refined in particular, during the cruise itself, can couples Matpnkeym sunbathe on the deck of a white cloud, or learn how to operate yachts in various weather conditions in general. Of course, the participants here that couples can cruise sailing experience deep sea fishing, and succeed to raise Abahachtam large fish …

Pleasure cruise for couples or lovers, is allowed on board a white cloud sailing choice of many different paths, as mentioned for a few hours, track the various marinas visit Israel for forty-eight hours of sailing, or out to many different destinations in foreign countries, depending on the preference choice hoste

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